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All the facts and figures that talk to our size and diversity and years of history, as notable and important as they may be, are secondary to the truest measure of McKenzie: The impact we make in the world.

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McKenzie Audit Group

McKenzie Audit Group, focus solely on auditing, we provide financial statement audits and forensic audits and fraud investigation. Our firm also assist entities with strengthening their internal controls by doing a risk assessment. What sets us apart, while audit firms focus only financial statement audits, we focus on helping to keep your internal controls strong while providing you cost efficient audits and helping management with recommendations.

McKenzie Philosophy

McKenzie’s philosophy and practice is to blend the technical, the practical and the business approach in the conduct of each audit engagement.

Audits are specifically aligned with the client’s business functions but go beyond just the financial. Businesses need auditors and advisors who understand their industry, their long-term strategy and any risks that need to be assessed and managed. Businesses need advisors who can interject this knowledge into the audit process.
The audit is undertaken with detailed, agreed-upon expectations to which management and the engagement team are equally committed. These commitments thread through every aspect of the way McKenzie conducts and manages an audit, enabling the engagement team to utilize resources in the most efficient way that provides consistent value-added audit services.

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